Who’s John Young?

In this pic from 1969, the Apollo 10 crew heads to the pad, including America’s No. 1 spaceman, John Young. You, the uninitiated may ask: “who’s John Young? And, hey, I thought Buzz Aldrin was America’s No. 1 spaceman.”

John Young did these things: flew as co-pilot on the first Gemini mission (with Gus Grisson). Commanded a later Gemini mission after that (with future Apollo 11 crew member Mike Collins). Flew as command module pilot on Apollo 10, flew to the moon. Commanded Apollo 16, walked on the moon. Hung around at NASA for nine further years waiting to command the very first flight of the Space Shuttle. THEN, commanded a second shuttle mission after that. Remains flight-eligible to this day. And you’ve never heard of John Young?  

No other astronaut flew Gemini, Apollo, the and Space Shuttle (and walked on the moon). A few others have two out of three, but no one else has done ‘em all.